Mission to accomplish

Warning! You are entering a zone controlled by robots. Going through the paths of electronic circuits, integrated circuits and laser beams, you’ll reach a different world. The world of automation and robotics at the Epi-Centre of Science. Your mission is to have fun, gain knowledge and explore the world of robots. Ready?

Robot dance

Control algorithms are also used in production lines. Thanks to automation, many repetitive processes can take place without human labour. These lines must be designed and programmed. This is a task for real specialists!

At the Epi-Centre of Science you’ll get to know interactive robots whose movements resemble human ones. They can walk, do push-ups and rolls. You’ll be able to teach them how to dance! By doing so, you’ll learn the basics of programming.

Time to go, time for Epi-Centre of Science!

On land, on water and in the air – man has learned to move in many ways. This zone will help you understand how this is possible. It is thanks to science and inventions that you can take a car or bus and go to school or work. How long would it take to walk? Several times longer! The area devoted to transport shows selected inventions regarding movement of people and materials in space. The zone resembles a real bus, it’s easy to notice!

Fasten your seat belts

The exhibition prepared by the Science Centre Białystok will show you what static, kinetic and rolling friction is. No, there will be no boring lectures! It will be a lot of fun, interesting facts and... moving large blocks, like those that pyramids are built from! You’ll sit behind the wheel of the replica of the first car in Białystok, and getting on a spring-mounted sports motorcycle, you’ll learn the principle of counter-steering operation. Sitting at the controls of the flight simulator you’ll feel like an airplane pilot. Or maybe you prefer water sports? We also have a sailboat! Take your friends with you and check with which wind it goes the fastest.

Time travel

Hello! In this zone you’ll learn about the achievements of science and technology. Going through futuristic sceneries straight from science-fiction films, you'll move through the world of technology. You’ll find that nothing is impossible for scientists! Have you ever dreamed about moving to another place in a second? It’s possible at the Epi-Centre of Science!  

Virtual reality

By putting on virtual reality glasses, you’ll be able to move to the roof of the City Stadium in Białystok in an instant. There is a cat on the roof, you have to rescue it! Once the animal is safe, you can test a 3D printer that is used to create three-dimensional objects. Currently, such printers are very helpful, for example in medicine.

Would you like to try it out? No problem! After taking a selfie and simple processing on the touch panel, the printer will prepare a bas-relief with your image or with any inscription. While the machine is running, you’ll be monitoring the printing process on the screen. Take the ready print and go to the next stand! Here you’ll play a simple game and during it you’ll teach the computer to recognize traffic signs. This way you will learn how AI works. So, anyone is ready to crack the algorithms?

Learn about yourself!

Would you like to take a peek inside the human body? Literally! The "Magic of the human body" zone at the Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok makes this possible. You’ll learn about human anatomy, thanks to which you’ll understand how the human body functions. You’ll do experiments that will make you feel like surgeons in the operating room. You'll see how much health and life are influenced by scientific research and discoveries.

Explorers today, great scientists tomorrow!

Everyone, small and large, should be able to provide first aid. Do you agree?

In the "Magic of the human body" zone you’ll test your skills on an adult and a child manikin. You don't quite remember how many chest compressions there should be? Don't worry, the tips on the monitor will tell you.

By putting on alcohol goggles, you’ll feel how disturbed human perception works and how your body behaves with a partial loss of sense of balance.

We have also prepared a human model with artificial "spare parts", i.e. the achievements of biocybernetics. You’ll realize that the work of scientists gives many people hope for a better life. You’ll be able to control the bionic arm, which thanks to the sensors tightens the muscles, opening and closing the hand.

You’ll learn what X-rays are. They make it possible to look into the human body without surgery.

Are you ready to learn the magic of the human body?

High five to Copernicus!

Do you know the connection between film at the cinema, works of painting masters and laser steel cutting? They all use optical phenomena! Some of them are waiting for you at the Epi-Centre of Science. In the "Optics" zone you’ll test your eyesight and learn the basic laws and phenomena in the field of optics. You’ll try to cheat your brain with various illusions and examine how colours are created.      

Illusion or truth?

The zone allows you to create a simple optical device, such as a telescope. By the way, you’ll learn the laws of geometrical optics - reflection, refraction, total internal reflection and light splitting.

During our unusual physics lesson you’ll also be able to use a microscope. This small device enabled the emergence of microbiology. At the Epi-Centre of Science you have the opportunity to see and magnify, for example, your hair!     

Do you know that the first laser was built not so long ago, in 1960? In the "Optics" zone you’ll create a laser maze, setting the mirrors so that the laser beam hits one of the detectors. Finally, you’ll fool your brain with optical illusions that match the tricks of the best magicians. There are so many attractions that one could go on talking about them for hours. You'd better see them with your own eyes!

Through fun to knowledge!

Do you think learning is boring? At the Epi-Centre you’ll quickly change your mind! In this zone you’ll learn the fun side of science. We have prepared for you for example physical and chemical phenomena; you’ll practice your concentration, memory and the ability to think strategically. Without reading complicated articles, cramming long formulas – just pure fun of learning!

Life in a bubble…

Have you ever seen a fakir bed? In the "Fun with science" zone, you have the opportunity to lie down on a bed full of nails! Who among you will dare to do it? You can also dance, and by doing so train your memory and concentration by repeating the layout displayed on the screen. Maybe you’ll organize a competition to choose the best dancer among your friends?

The zone also has a magical harp and a stand where you can learn how the hovercraft works. Do you know the principles of surface tension force? And what if we show it by the example of huge soap bubbles? Everything is possible at the Epi-Centre of Science! Even locking someone inside such a bubble…

Run, jump, fly, SWIM - and acquire knowledge

Water, movement and inventions – that is how you can briefly describe the thematic zone "Water Energy" at the Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok. An extensive reservoir, in which flowing water gives movement to individual stands, is an ideal place for learning by playing. The youngest will learn about the breakthrough inventions of civilization, such as aqueducts, Archimedes screw and various types of levers used, in the past and today, to draw and supply water.

Active and smart – active with water

The colourful waters of the "Water Energy" thematic zone are adapted to each child's height, so that everyone can access the water games here. The area is part of the entire Laboratory of the Little Master and Explorer, in which our guests are accompanied by our heroes, Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka. They have already checked how much fun the crane well, water mill, ball aqueducts, water pump, dam, water curtain and water jets provide. It's time for you!
Wait a second, Majka Pytajka wants to ask you something:

„Is that all?”

No! At the end, we have prepared a separate stand for our guests: SOAP BUBBLE! Sensory likes this.
Come along!