Material properties

Stone, paper, scissors…

Not really! At the Science Centre Białystok you'll learn about the properties of materials, including bronze, iron and glass. As you know, the human body has its own temperature that can be measured. Thanks to the exhibition you’ll see that individual materials also accumulate heat. At the same temperature, some items appear hot and others appear cold. You'll see for yourself which material will cool down first. For now, we can't reveal anything, all in good time.

Supernatural powers? No problem!

The "Properties of materials" zone will introduce you to the world of physics and chemistry. You’ll compare the elastic and thermal properties of objects. You’ll conduct scientific experiments on your own, like real scientists. You’ll feel like superheroes, starting a virtual fire, studying its temperature. A superhero was also Maria Curie-Skłodowska, who discovered two radioactive elements - radium and polonium. You can use the meter to check how quickly the radiation dose increases for given materials. However, we assure you that the dose of fun from staying at the Science Centre will increase very quickly!