What's up Doc?

We know that the youngest are naturally curious about what surrounds them. That is why we help to discover the scientific interests of children. Who knows, maybe in a few years some of you’ll become a doctor of chemistry or physics? Even now, wearing white aprons and safety glasses, you can feel like real scientists! All this is possible at the Little Explorer's Laboratory at the Epi-Centre of Science!

Little explorers, great knowledge!

The world of LABBAR is colourful, interesting and surprising. Here you’ll learn what the pH indicator is and you’ll discover that red cabbage juice can be ... blue!

„Or yellow!”

Exactly, but let's not reveal the details now. Your fingers will make the pepper particles on the water part like the Red Sea before the biblical Moses. Yes, you do have that power! It is all thanks to the occurrence of surface tension in liquids and its variability. You’ll create an invisible force by yourself that will lift pieces of paper. You'll see how you can inflate a balloon without using your mouth. Just... water and vinegar! In our laboratory, physical and chemical phenomena will become understandable and exciting. The big world is waiting for Little Explorers!