Power of Water

The best ideas come to mind in the shower

Do you know the most famous bath in the history of science? Who took it and what resulted from it? Yes, it's about Archimedes and his famous "Eureka!" shouted out after entering the bathtub! This way, the brilliant mathematician discovered one of the most famous laws of nature – and this is not the end of the discoveries facilitated by water.

Epi-Centre of Science invites you to the amazing world of knowledge based on inventions created with the use of water. After entering the themed zone, you’ll have a journey full of interactive experiments focused on the famous discoveries of Archimedes, Pascal and more. You’ll learn the fascinating laws of mathematics and physics that have long been intermingling and complementing each other.

Knowledge flows... with the Power of Water!

The modern Science Centre in Białystok will lead you through spaces dominated by shades of blue - where various types of pipe constructions build a unique atmosphere. Look at this big tap. Do you know where the water that flows from this tap comes from? At the entrance to the zone you can see a puddle, but take it easy – you’ll not wet your shoes in it.