The world of construction

Long long time ago…

Do you know that stone structures in Malta, considered by many to be the oldest in the world, were built over three thousand years BC?

„Is it a long time ago?”

It’s very long, Majka Pytajka! A lot has changed since then. Thanks to science and inventions, building (for example houses) has become much easier. At the Epi-Centre of Science you’ll learn the laws of physics and mechanics that had a huge impact on the world of construction. And it will be all by playing! Majka Pytajka and Zmysłek will show you around, right?


Working together pays off

Do you like building towers from blocks? Yes? That’s great! At the Epi-Centre you can build whatever comes to your mind. And do it using a crane - a special boom controlled by you. Let’s keep going! A large sandbox with magic sand will develop your manual and creative skills, teach you patience and accuracy. Giant blocks are waiting for you at the next stands!

 Seriously, they're huge!”

Sensory confirms. You’ll be able to feel strong like Hercules!

„Don't worry, they're big but very light, I checked it myself.”

Thanks for the information, Majka Pytajka! As you can see, our guides work together flawlessly. Take your siblings and friends; you’ll see that you can do more together!