Technologies that connect

Let’s begin with a question: Do you know what a telephone and radio have in common? They are inventions used for communication between people. When you talk to your parents you communicate with them. The whole world is based on communication! That is why it is worth learning the history and operation of devices that have made information delivery easier. Where can you do that? Of course, at the Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok! Like a vortex, the "Technology" zone will draw you into the fascinating world of science. Have you ever seen a phone resembling a maze made of pipes? There is one here!

„Hello, Hello, Majka. Can you hear me?”

„Hi, Zmysłek! It really works!”

Sure it works! You too can talk on this amazing phone. And by doing so you'll learn that sound is transmitted through the air in the tunnel.

„Nice magic!

Even the Zmysłek is impressed, but still …

It's not magic, it's science!

Everyone likes listening to music, right? This is possible for example on the radio. Thanks to it, we also learn about the world. This is really a very important invention! How does it happen that you hear the presenter in the speaker while she is in the studio? You’ll be able to learn about the effects of electromagnetic and radio waves at the Epi-Centre of Science! You'll also see what the old phones looked like. We assure you that they would not fit in your trouser pocket.