Know your body

Still hungry for knowledge? Learn about your body!

How many fingers are there on one hand? And on both? Ok, these are easy questions, but Majka Pytajka has more difficult ones!

“What is digestion? Why do teeth ache? On which side of the body is the liver?”

Easy, easy, one at a time! By visiting all the stands of the "Know Your Body" exhibition zone, you'll get answers to these and other questions about the secrets and functioning of the human body.

Nothing human is alien to me!

Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka invite you into a space that looks like a doctor's office. However, this is not a normal surgery – there are jigsaw puzzles with a model of the human body! There is also Mr. Skeleton, showing the components of the skeletal system. Skull, spine, pelvis – everything must be in the right place! We hope that you care for your teeth and there is no decay in them as in our huuuge tooth on display. You can cure it and learn the basics of oral hygiene. You’ll definitely be grateful!

And what is that? There on the screen? Sad and sick Zmysłek! Go on and x-ray him and then diagnose - like a real doctor! - and heal so that he can accompany us further. There are still many attractions ahead of us!