Discovering and knowledge

I think, therefore I am!

This sentence was uttered by Descartus - a great philosopher, mathematician and scientist, who lived in the 17th century. And you, what do you think of most often? Something incredible? That's great! In Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok, you can definitely let your creativity and imagination run wild. You’ll also need a bit of attention to carefully observe the surroundings and perform the tasks that are part of the “Discovering and knowledge” exhibition. Don't worry, Sensory and Kate Question will help you in everything! You’ll learn about colour and shape phenomena, and the world of mathematics will be explained to you by means of geometrical figures and numbers.

Playing with building blocks is learning…?

Sure! Even more so if you play with magnetic blocks that create spatial figures. Sounds amazing, right? If, like Sensory, you like mazes, you must try to go through the centre! The game of moving the ball with a magnet through the maze is great fun and develops eye-hand coordination.

Happy people do not count the time…

However, they can learn old ways of measuring time! The watch my dad wears was not always available. Earlier, an hourglass was one of the time-measuring devices. And if you like to count (not just time), then a large colourful abacus and many other logical toys await you at the exhibition, so you won't get bored!

So, what about a race to the Epi-Centre of Science. Sensory will count the time!