Water Energy

Run, jump, fly, SWIM - and acquire knowledge

Water, movement and inventions – that is how you can briefly describe the thematic zone "Water Energy" at the Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok. An extensive reservoir, in which flowing water gives movement to individual stands, is an ideal place for learning by playing. The youngest will learn about the breakthrough inventions of civilization, such as aqueducts, Archimedes screw and various types of levers used, in the past and today, to draw and supply water.

Active and smart – active with water

The colourful waters of the "Water Energy" thematic zone are adapted to each child's height, so that everyone can access the water games here. The area is part of the entire Laboratory of the Little Master and Explorer, in which our guests are accompanied by our heroes, Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka. They have already checked how much fun the crane well, water mill, ball aqueducts, water pump, dam, water curtain and water jets provide. It's time for you!
Wait a second, Majka Pytajka wants to ask you something:

„Is that all?”

No! At the end, we have prepared a separate stand for our guests: SOAP BUBBLE! Sensory likes this.
Come along!