High five to Copernicus!

Do you know the connection between film at the cinema, works of painting masters and laser steel cutting? They all use optical phenomena! Some of them are waiting for you at the Epi-Centre of Science. In the "Optics" zone you’ll test your eyesight and learn the basic laws and phenomena in the field of optics. You’ll try to cheat your brain with various illusions and examine how colours are created.      

Illusion or truth?

The zone allows you to create a simple optical device, such as a telescope. By the way, you’ll learn the laws of geometrical optics - reflection, refraction, total internal reflection and light splitting.

During our unusual physics lesson you’ll also be able to use a microscope. This small device enabled the emergence of microbiology. At the Epi-Centre of Science you have the opportunity to see and magnify, for example, your hair!     

Do you know that the first laser was built not so long ago, in 1960? In the "Optics" zone you’ll create a laser maze, setting the mirrors so that the laser beam hits one of the detectors. Finally, you’ll fool your brain with optical illusions that match the tricks of the best magicians. There are so many attractions that one could go on talking about them for hours. You'd better see them with your own eyes!