The magic of the human body

Learn about yourself!

Would you like to take a peek inside the human body? Literally! The "Magic of the human body" zone at the Epi-Centre of Science in Białystok makes this possible. You’ll learn about human anatomy, thanks to which you’ll understand how the human body functions. You’ll do experiments that will make you feel like surgeons in the operating room. You'll see how much health and life are influenced by scientific research and discoveries.

Explorers today, great scientists tomorrow!

Everyone, small and large, should be able to provide first aid. Do you agree?

In the "Magic of the human body" zone you’ll test your skills on an adult and a child manikin. You don't quite remember how many chest compressions there should be? Don't worry, the tips on the monitor will tell you.

By putting on alcohol goggles, you’ll feel how disturbed human perception works and how your body behaves with a partial loss of sense of balance.

We have also prepared a human model with artificial "spare parts", i.e. the achievements of biocybernetics. You’ll realize that the work of scientists gives many people hope for a better life. You’ll be able to control the bionic arm, which thanks to the sensors tightens the muscles, opening and closing the hand.

You’ll learn what X-rays are. They make it possible to look into the human body without surgery.

Are you ready to learn the magic of the human body?