Exciting technologies

Time travel

Hello! In this zone you’ll learn about the achievements of science and technology. Going through futuristic sceneries straight from science-fiction films, you'll move through the world of technology. You’ll find that nothing is impossible for scientists! Have you ever dreamed about moving to another place in a second? It’s possible at the Epi-Centre of Science!  

Virtual reality

By putting on virtual reality glasses, you’ll be able to move to the roof of the City Stadium in Białystok in an instant. There is a cat on the roof, you have to rescue it! Once the animal is safe, you can test a 3D printer that is used to create three-dimensional objects. Currently, such printers are very helpful, for example in medicine.

Would you like to try it out? No problem! After taking a selfie and simple processing on the touch panel, the printer will prepare a bas-relief with your image or with any inscription. While the machine is running, you’ll be monitoring the printing process on the screen. Take the ready print and go to the next stand! Here you’ll play a simple game and during it you’ll teach the computer to recognize traffic signs. This way you will learn how AI works. So, anyone is ready to crack the algorithms?