Time to go, time for Epi-Centre of Science!

On land, on water and in the air – man has learned to move in many ways. This zone will help you understand how this is possible. It is thanks to science and inventions that you can take a car or bus and go to school or work. How long would it take to walk? Several times longer! The area devoted to transport shows selected inventions regarding movement of people and materials in space. The zone resembles a real bus, it’s easy to notice!

Fasten your seat belts

The exhibition prepared by the Science Centre Białystok will show you what static, kinetic and rolling friction is. No, there will be no boring lectures! It will be a lot of fun, interesting facts and... moving large blocks, like those that pyramids are built from! You’ll sit behind the wheel of the replica of the first car in Białystok, and getting on a spring-mounted sports motorcycle, you’ll learn the principle of counter-steering operation. Sitting at the controls of the flight simulator you’ll feel like an airplane pilot. Or maybe you prefer water sports? We also have a sailboat! Take your friends with you and check with which wind it goes the fastest.