Hallo, hallo?

Welcome to the world of communication! Here you’ll learn and understand the operation of telecommunications networks - from the old to the most modern ones. You’ll check how it’s possible that messages and images from the other end of the world reach you in a second! To explain this, you need to go back to the roots - electric telegraph, which revolutionized the world. At the Science Centre you have the opportunity to test it!

Communication action

At the Białystok Science Centre you’ll feel like secret agents sending a message using the Morse code.

Transparent computer cases will allow you to look into their mechanisms. You’ll discover how optical fibres, i.e. light conductive optical cables, work. The microscopes available at the exhibition will allow you to look very closely at the optical fibres they are made of. Today, the use of optical fibres is widespread, thanks to which the Internet, landline and mobile telephony developed. This would not be possible without the knowledge, experience and experiments of scientists.

If this has aroused your curiosity, visit us!