Follow the current

The electrifying world of science

Welcome to the land of electricity! The exhibition "Follow the current" is an area connecting the era of steam and electricity with the present. It was the old inventions that enabled the creation of devices without which you cannot imagine life now! Former "electronic brains" occupied huge spaces; today, thanks to the development of technology, smartphones or tablets fit into trouser pockets.

One of the stands has been turned into a place of "duel" of two brilliant inventors who influenced the development of electricity: Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. They both have a lot to show! Film camera, projector, and radio – these are just some of their inventions. Which scientist would you consider a greater genius?

Voltage increases

When visiting the subsequent stands of the Science Centre in Białystok, be sure to stop by the Van de Graaff generator. Using the manual and electric drive, you’ll get a few centimetres electric spark! The machine can also generate extremely spectacular and colourful electrostatic field lines.

A bicycle is part of the next experiment. Thanks to it and the strength of your muscles you can generate electricity. Automotive fans will enjoy a real treat - electric and combustion car simulators! Observe how both types of vehicle react to the accelerator pedal. Fancy a race along the „Rising Białystok” track?