Discovering secrets

If you ask a lot of questions every day and still want to know more - this zone is perfect for you! It’ll tell you about the foundations on which engineering is based, i.e. force, movement, power and pressure. Thanks to past discoveries and inventions, a lot of devices have been created that base their operation on mechanics, e.g. a car. At the Epi-Centre you’ll test a former steam engine and its modern relative. The famous constructions of the steam age will no longer have any secrets for you!

Ordinary - extraordinary

The Stirling heat engine was patented in 1816 and the principles of its operation are still used today. At the Science Centre you have the opportunity to observe how heat energy from hot steam is converted into mechanical energy.

Do you like carousels? It just so happens that we have one here. This is not an ordinary carousel; thanks to it you’ll know and understand Coriolis force. You’ll also learn the principles of operation and check how the Heron’s engine (or aeolipile) works. Using the example of a levitating ball – similar to a flying carpet – you’ll examine how pressure changes affect objects. You’ll be able to control its altitude with an air stream. Nothing is impossible at the Epi-Centre of Science. There is only that which needs to be discovered and understood!