Robotics laboratory

WALL-E cleaned the Earth polluted by people. How will your robot act? Sky is the limit!

In our laboratory, visitors will be able to visit different stations related to robotics. One of the tasks involves building a robot with the parts we have prepared. You will feel like Anakin Skywalker who built C-3PO droid.

Of course, that’s not all. The next step will be to program simple action sequences. Step by step, you will need to show the robot the path to follow. Workshops will be carried out by a trained animator, who will introduce children to the world of logic and creativity.

The laboratory is an addition to a larger thematic area called: “Automation and robotics zone”. It is a place where you can test your skills in practice. The laboratory is located at the end of the zone and is isolated by glass walls. Robotics workshops develop imagination, stimulate creativity and manual skills and, above all, introduce children to the world of programming.

Ready to play with robots? Come and visit us!