Power laboratory

Give yourself some energy!

In the power laboratory, we will take you on a journey to the land of electricity. Together, we will find out what is this mysterious force called electric current and how it is used.

Where does electricity come from?

Cleverly utilized lab space consists of stations on multiple tables, between which the participants will be able to move freely. There are mock-ups and models of the oldest and most modern power plants.

There is also a Jacob’s Ladder. Want to see where it leads?

Our pieces are more than exhibits - they allow you to perform interesting and creative research. You will generate electricity, and with good synchronization of work and reflexes, you will be able to set a real engine in motion. In addition to the machines, you will find plasm balls that will provide unique and unusual visually experiences. You will get to know more about two rival inventors – Edison and Tesla.

The acquired knowledge will quickly get you A’s at school!

The laboratory is an addition to the thematic area called: “Go with the current”, located in the immediate vicinity. You will be able to visit it during the hours without workshops conducted by our animators.