Electromobility laboratory

Do you remember the character of “Back to the Future” and his unusual vehicle? Today, electric cars are no surprise – just like a light bulb.

Do you often see people on electric scooters or bikes on sidewalks or cycle paths? For sure! It is an increasingly common means of transport. We could not ignore this topic in our Centre.

How do electric vehicles work?

In the electromobility laboratory, you will learn how the devices presented at experimental stations work. Among them, you will find a hoverboard or self-propelled skateboard as well as a gyroscopic unicycle! After a short briefing, each participant will be able to try out our vehicles. We will see whether you can balance your body, move, break and turn without the steering wheel. You want a calm ride? Or maybe you prefer crazy tricks? We always remember about the helmet and pads! You are safe.

Raw, industrial design, straight from futuristic movies, completes the whole experience in the electromobility laboratory.