Do you remember the character of “Back to the Future” and his unusual vehicle? Today, electric cars are no surprise – just like a light bulb.

Do you often see people on electric scooters or bikes on sidewalks or cycle paths? For sure! It is an increasingly common means of transport. We could not ignore this topic in our Centre.

How do electric vehicles work?

In the electromobility laboratory, you will learn how the devices presented at experimental stations work. Among them, you will find a hoverboard or self-propelled skateboard as well as a gyroscopic unicycle! After a short briefing, each participant will be able to try out our vehicles. We will see whether you can balance your body, move, break and turn without the steering wheel. You want a calm ride? Or maybe you prefer crazy tricks? We always remember about the helmet and pads! You are safe.

Raw, industrial design, straight from futuristic movies, completes the whole experience in the electromobility laboratory.

Give yourself some energy!

In the power laboratory, we will take you on a journey to the land of electricity. Together, we will find out what is this mysterious force called electric current and how it is used.

Where does electricity come from?

Cleverly utilized lab space consists of stations on multiple tables, between which the participants will be able to move freely. There are mock-ups and models of the oldest and most modern power plants.

There is also a Jacob’s Ladder. Want to see where it leads?

Our pieces are more than exhibits - they allow you to perform interesting and creative research. You will generate electricity, and with good synchronization of work and reflexes, you will be able to set a real engine in motion. In addition to the machines, you will find plasm balls that will provide unique and unusual visually experiences. You will get to know more about two rival inventors – Edison and Tesla.

The acquired knowledge will quickly get you A’s at school!

The laboratory is an addition to the thematic area called: “Go with the current”, located in the immediate vicinity. You will be able to visit it during the hours without workshops conducted by our animators.

WALL-E cleaned the Earth polluted by people. How will your robot act? Sky is the limit!

In our laboratory, visitors will be able to visit different stations related to robotics. One of the tasks involves building a robot with the parts we have prepared. You will feel like Anakin Skywalker who built C-3PO droid.

Of course, that’s not all. The next step will be to program simple action sequences. Step by step, you will need to show the robot the path to follow. Workshops will be carried out by a trained animator, who will introduce children to the world of logic and creativity.

The laboratory is an addition to a larger thematic area called: “Automation and robotics zone”. It is a place where you can test your skills in practice. The laboratory is located at the end of the zone and is isolated by glass walls. Robotics workshops develop imagination, stimulate creativity and manual skills and, above all, introduce children to the world of programming.

Ready to play with robots? Come and visit us!

Majka Pytajka has a question: “Where do you wear white coats?”

In laboratories! Where you learn the secrets of the natural world and technology!

In the Epi-Centre of Science, we have created a place where you can both have fun and experiment. Each one of you, like a true scientist, will be able to create now colours, touch steam or build a volcano. As is commonly known, children are curious by nature. The best way to satisfy the urge is to let them do experiments. Although some may seem difficult, like those related to physics or chemistry, Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka will help you.

Experiments bring joy and, most importantly, have educational value. They develop cause and effect thinking and contribute to broadening the horizons of small explorers. Skills and knowledge acquired in early childhood will be an inspiration and a bridge to the next step in education.

Zmysłek already saw the Little Explorer’s Lab. Now it’s your turn! In this innovative space, you will carry out experiments and participate in workshops. Majka Pytajka likes to sit at the high oval table with a separate central place for the animator. Do you know why? Because everything is perfectly clear from there!

Up to 16 people can participate in classes at the same time. Each child will get an apron and goggles. Each seat is equipped with a tablet that displays information about individual experiments.

One more secret: close by, you will find Receptorek’s hole where you can meet him!

Come and visit us!