11 August 2020

Welcome to the Epi-Centre of Science!

The Epi-Centre of Science is a unique place, full of passion for science. It is here, that fun and learning crave come together to awaken your creativity and curiosity. By entering the Epi-Centre, you are stepping into a world where the word "boredom" does not exist. Experiments, modern technologies, workshops – there is always something going on here! All the zones have been designed so that everyone can find something for themselves – from a toddler, through a teenager, to an adult. It's never too late to learn ... or too early!

The Epi-Centre of Science is located at the City Stadium in Białystok, along the Wiosenna St. side of the stadium.

The Epi-Centre of Science consists of two separate areas, which are located next to each other and have separate entrances.

The first of them – Little Explorer’s Zone – is a colourful educational space which covers some 600 sqm. It is intended primarily for children aged 3 to 10 years, i.e. pre-schoolers and younger students of primary schools. It is where our brand heroes – Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka – await visitors. The Little Explorer’s Zone has five thematic areas: Learning and knowledge, Discover your body, Technology, Construction world, Water energy, Little Explorer’s Laboratory. All experiments and games are adapted to children’s perception, giving them the opportunity to explore the world of science.

The second area is the Main Exhibition - a versatile exploration space, where everyone, regardless of age, will find something interesting: young and old, children and adults, students and teachers.

The Main Exhibition covers 2670 sqm – as much as 50 classrooms! Quite large, isn’t it? It has more than 100 experiment stations. There are no fixed routes. Everyone will be able to decide what path to take and at what pace to move. The main exhibition has several thematic areas. You will find stations covering fields such as optics, transport, telecommunications, medicine, automation, robotics, mechanics and many others. Each area has different design referring to the presented subject matter. When starting your journey along experiment stations, you will be transported to a different world – the world of learning through experience. More than two thousand years ago, Confucius said: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”

The Main Exhibition also features three 75 sqm labs devoted to robotics, power engineering and e-mobility. Here you can experience science up close!

Both exploration areas have their separate receptions, ticket offices, cloakrooms, toilets and personal luggage lockers.

Get your ticket and you’re good to go!